If you’re concerned by content indexation, pagerank, customer journey
optimization within your web application, ekino has the answer :

GhostWriterJs is a genuine SEO solution,
allowing search bots such as Google, Yahoo, Voila and Bing
to crawl Javascript injected content.

This solution is compatible with
all Javascript frameworks and architecture :
  • ember
  • backbone
  • angular

Why use GhostWriterJS?

Today, it exists many solutions which proposed similar services,
but GhostWriterJS is different :

  • GhostWriterJS complies
    with Google specification

    When search engines request a page, your server downloads the generated content from GhostWriterJS.

    The content exposed to search engines are the same as presented to the user, thus preventing cloacking.

    Following Google guidelines, just make sure that your pages are directly accessible by url using #! Nomenclature.

    Google full specification

  • GhostWriterJs ensures that
    your content are already fresh :

    By pre­rendering, GhostWriterJS generated the pages from sitemap, or by following naturally the links available on pages.

    On demand : Pages are generated for each search engines request.

    The generated contents are stored in CDN.

  • From 200 pages up to
    over millions pages:

    GhostWriterJS can process several rendering in the same time.

    To improve performance, the generated content is stored on a cache or Content Delivery Network. You can choose the longer cache freshness.

    By default, your pages are pushed on Amazon Cloud. Your content are available in few milliseconds.

    Do you have specific needs? the solution can be hosted on your platform and linked to your own CDN or your cache system.

  • GhostWriterJS is developed and distributed by SEO et technical experts

    GhostWriterJS is distributed by ekino, an agency focused on designing innovative solutions.

    Ekino is composed of 200 technical experts, specialized on advanced frontend and backend development and hosting platform.

    Novalem, a SEO leading agency, provides feedbacks to update GhostWriterJS according to the new Google requirements.

They choose GhostWriterJs

Renault is a leading car brand in France. Today, GhostWriterJS is the SEO solution of RenaultShop and RenaultVO, two of its most important digital services. Both services are developed with AngularJS technology.
GhostWriterJS is certified by Novalem, a leading SEO agency. “Javascript-based websites can now be read by Google.This solution is mandatory for "full-Javascript" websites if you want your content to be indexed by Google. We believe GhostWriterJS is the perfect fit for this technical issue.”
  • On Premise

    is hosted on your platform
    and linked to your technical

    (CDN or cache system, distributed version control system, etc.).

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    GhostWriterJS and our experts at home.

    This solution, based on NodeJS technology, can be easily implemented in any technical architecture.

    Our technical and SEO experts advise you. They install and configure GhostWriterJS, then check the SEO performance
    of your application.

    Renault trusts us and chose GhostWriterJS on premise to optimize the SEO of his Javascript applications.

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